Unformat Data

Unformat USB Drive Data

Want to recover files from formatted USB drive? Then, connect your formatted USB drive to your system, and launch the Unformat Data software. Then, select the USB drive from the list of drives, and click Scan button. It scans the drive and recovers all our data in no time. Once recovery is complete, it allows free previewing of the recovered files before you activate the complete software. Download the freeware now!!!

Software to Recover Data from a USB Drive

Are you worried about how to recover data from formatted USB drive? No need to worry, as you have a plenty of ways to restore lost files from a formatted USB drive. One of the best solution to unformat USB drive data is by using Unformat Data software. With this utility, you will be able to restore files from a formatted USB drive and other removable disk drives within a couple of steps. The software is designed and developed with a simple interactive user interface and advanced drive scan and data recovery algorithms, with which it will never let you face any type of complications while recovering data from the formatted USB drive.

Sometimes, when the user tries to access the USB drive, instead of opening normally, an error message is popped up stating unformatted USB drive or format now and makes the USB drive inaccessible. This situation occurs due to a virus or malware infection from the internet or from the computer hard drive. This situation also occurs due to improper plug and play procedure of the USB drive. To use such USB drive further, it is mandatory to format the USB drive which eventually deletes all the stored files and folders. So, to unformat USB drive data you can make use of this application which can also retrieve data from formatted Toshiba USB 2.0 portable external hard drive or from many other brands of the portable hard drive.

In addition to accidental formatting, there are many other factors which are responsible for the formatting USB drive like USB drive corruption. The USB drives become inaccessible due to various reasons like file system corruption, virus attack, improper ejection from the computer in between file transfer process. You have to format the corrupted USB drive if you want to use it further, which erases all the files and folders stored in it. To unformat USB drive data, you have to use this application which can also recover data from formatted micro SDHC Transcend memory card without facing any difficulty.

Most of the users think that formatting the USB drive deletes the stored data permanently. But it is not true, formatting only deletes file entries from the partition table and sets the USB drive space as free to store new data. Your files and folders are still there on the USB drive until and unless it gets overwritten with new data and can be recovered by using USB data recovery software in just a few easy steps. You can also use this software to recover lost data from formatted HP EliteBook Laptop within a few mouse clicks.

This software will assist you to unformat USB drive data and moreover, you find this application helpful to recover files from quick formatted HDD on Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista or Mac OS X. USB data recovery software keeps the files in the same stored hierarchy as it was before and can comfortably restore digital data from a formatted Kingston DataTraveler USB flash drive at your fingertips. This application can recover more than 300 different file types and you can add new file types to the list. The free trial version of the tool will help you to preview the recovered files and by this, you can judge the possibility of recovery and after this you can buy the liceensd version of the tool to save recovered data. This easy-to-useapp is capable to perform android data recovery within a few simple mouse clicks.

Simple steps to unformat USB drive data:

  1. Download and install USB Data Recovery software on your system
  2. Launch the software by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut
  3. On the home screen, select "Recover Partitions/Drives" as shown in figure A
  4. Unformat USB Drive Data - Welcome Window

    Figure A: Home Window

  5. Now select "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" and then choose the USB drive from which you need to recover data as shown in figure B
  6. Unformat USB Drive Data - Welcome Window

    Figure B: Select USB Drive

  7. At last, check the recovered data in "Data View" as shown in figure C
  8. Unformat USB Drive Data - Check Retrieved Data

    Figure C: Recovered Data

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