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Unformat SD Card

Though it is annoying to lose data after formatting SD card, you can still unformat the SD card with Unformat Data software. Free download the software here to recover and view the recovered files before you buy the license of the software. Download now!!!

How to unformat an SD Card?

SD (Secure Digital) card is a non-volatile memory card format used in portable devices such as mobile phones, GPS navigation devices, digital cameras and tablet computers. Different types of SD cards are available in the market like Micro SD card, Mini SD card, SHDC and SXDC cards. It is a major memory card used by the people to save popular file types like audio, video, images etc. However, a common problem faced by most of the people is the accidental formatting by pressing a format button found on most of the devices. Since formatting wipes out all the data from SD card, happiness fades away the moment you recognize that SD card is formatted. But one thing to mention in this respect is that you can unformat data stored in SD card provided that the SD card has not been used to store any data after formatting. Since a simple format operation will not permanently erase the data from memory card and the files still present in SD card even after formatting unless and until you replace with new files which results in permanent data loss. So it is advised not to perform any operations on formatted SD card from which files need to be recovered.

SD card formatting takes place under the following circumstances:

  • Accidental Formatting: Accidentally selecting the format option provided in many devices wipes out all the data from memory card.
  • Virus attack: Virus is a common threat which infects and corrupts memory card. They actually spread when you connect SD card to a virus infected computer for data transfer. The virus replicates itself and damages all the data stored in the SD card, slow down the functioning of the media device. To get rid of this virus many people opt for formatting but this not only removes the virus but also erases all the stored SD card data.
  • Corruption of memory card: If the memory card gets corrupted due to reasons like an abrupt removal of SD card from card reader while transferring files to the computer, removing the card from card reader while files are open on the computer, malware attack, turning out the camera before an image is completely written to the memory card or capturing the photos when the batteries are nearly empty. Corruption results in critical data loss to resolve this situation you need to format the SD card to prepare it for data storage. But formatting the memory card without creating the backup copy to SD card data wipes out all the data.
  • Format Error: Sometimes when you connect the SD card to the digital camera, phones or any media devices you may get the error messages like “memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”. These situations will not allow you to use the SD card unless you format it but this erases all the data stored in the SD card. The format errors are mainly caused due to the memory card file system error, presence of bad sectors, incompatibilities in drivers or BIOS.

Besides these, there are many reasons resulting in data loss due to formatting. Using our powerful recovery tool we can recover all media files with simple mouse clicks. This trustworthy application can recover a formatted NTFS partition data and also supports retrieval of files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5 and exFAT partitions on Windows PC. It can recover data from famous memory card brands like Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Lexar, SanDisk and allows you to compress recovered files in zip archives to save memory space. This utility helps you to learn how to recover data from a formatted hard disk in Windows 7, XP, Vista operating system. It can recover different image formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, BMP, JPG etc. You can use this outstanding tool to unformat USB drive, memory stick, iPods and many other electronic gadgets. Retrieves files from formatted partitions even when you have reinstalled the Windows. You can also get more information about Android data recovery by visiting this link - http://www.unformatdata.com/android.html

Note: One can make use of this award-winning software to restore data from a USB pen drive compatible on the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system with great ease.

Steps to recover data from formatted SD card:

  1. Download and install data recovery software on your PC. Connect the memory card to your PC and launch the application. On the main screen, Select "Recover Photos" option as shown in Fig 1.
  2. Recover Data from Formatted SD Memory Card - Select Recover Photos

    Fig 1: Select Recover Photos

  3. Now click on "Recover Lost Photos" on the new window. The software will search all available drives on your PC and shows them on the window. Select the SD card and click "Next" to start the recovery process as shown in Fig 2.
  4. Recover Data from Formatted SD Card - Select Memory Card

    Fig 2: Select Memory Card

  5. After a successful scanning, it will show you a list of recovered files and folders as shown in Fig 3. Preview the files and save to secured location.
  6. Recover Data from Formatted SD Card - List of Recovered Files

    Fig 3: List of Recovered Files

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