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Data Recovery from Formatted Drive

Unformat the formatted drive and get back all your data using Unformat Data tool. Download the free version and launch it on your system. Then, select the formatted drive from where files has to be recovered and click Scan button. The software scans the entire drive and recovers all your data. Download the software and preview the recovered files for free now!!!

Have you formatted the wrong drive by mistake?

Formatting a drive is the best solution to solve the issues like virus infection and low performance of the computer. The hard drives, the logical drives on the computer and the portable drives can be formatted easily. Formatting is a process in which the files on the drives are removed and the space on the drive is ready to store new files on it. These drives can be formatted in two ways, quick format or full format. The main difference in Quick and Full format is that the bad sectors on the drive will be detected on the disk in Full format. Full format consumes more time compared to the Quick format. A Quick format can format your drive quickly but will not be recommended as full format ensures you the stability of the drive. Before you format a drive which is either an SSD or HDD, you should take the proper backup of the important files on the drive. Otherwise, you will lose the files after formatting.

What if you format the drive which is either an SSD or HDD and do not have the backup of the files which were there on the drive? You can’t even imagine that this could happen to you. But this had happened to you and you ended up in losing your data. You had to format an external drive on the computer, i.e. ‘D’ drive but you had selected the ‘C’ drive to format. The formatted drive had all the important files of yours which you had not taken the backup. In such a situation, you need recovery software to restore files from a formatted drive. Unformat Data, is one of the recommended software for data recovery after formatting the drives.

Some common scenarios in which the drive is formatted:

While changing file system: When you have to change the file system, you have to format the drive. Then again format the drive with a new file system. The files on the drive are deleted and the old file system is replaced by the new file system. You will lose all your important files. In such situations, you need recovery software to restore files from the drive.

Format error: When the external drive is connected to the computer, sometimes it may show a format error. The error message will read as, the drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now. If you click on “Yes”, then the drive will be formatted. The cause for the error is the drive corruption. You can recover files from a formatted drive using the data recovery software. Get the best flash drive unformat software here: http://www.unformatdata.com/flash-drive.html.

Quick format: When you quick format a drive, the files on the drive will be removed and there won’t be any record of the files on the drive. You may select the Quick format option on the anti-virus program installed on the computer. You can restore the lost files after quick format using recovery software. Unformat data is one of the recommended software to recover files from the formatted drive.

Accidental format: You may format the drive accidentally and lose the files. The files will be still present on the physical drive. If you want the files back then you can recover files from a formatted drive by scanning the drive using a recovery software. Unformat Data is one of the suggested software for a formatted drive recovery. To know more visit: http://www.unformatdata.com/recover-data-from-accidentally-formatted-mac-hard-drive.html

Important features of the Unformat Data software:

The unformat data software helps to recover files from the formatted drives. The software can recover files formatted drive on the hard drive, external drives like memory card, pen drives, MP3 player, iPod, flash drives, etc. It supports the brands like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Transcend, Sony, etc. Hence, you can retrieve data from formatted microSDHC Transcend memory card. The software can recover RAW photo files from the drives which are generated by the digital cameras. You can recover up to 300 file types using the recovery software. You can edit the list of the file types on the software wizard to add any file format. You can recover the formatted NTFS partition, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and exFAT partitions on Windows. There is a separate build of the software which helps you recover files from a formatted drive on Mac computers. The software can scan for the files in a few seconds. You can save the recovery session which helps you avoid rescanning. You can even recover files after a quick format on Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP Operating System based computers.

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Download Now Buy Now

Steps to recover data from formatted drive:

Step 1: Download the Unformat Data software and install on a computer. Launch the software and select “Recover Partitions/Drives” from the main screen.

Accidentally Formatted USB Drive Recovery - Choose Partitions / Drives

Figure 1: Select Recover Partition / Drives

Step 2: Select "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" from the next page and select the formatted drive from the list on the software wizard to scan.

Accidentally Formatted USB Drive Recovery - Choose USB Drive

Figure 2: Select Formatted Drive

Step 3: Preview the resulted files after scanning and save the files on the computer.

Accidentally Formatted USB Drive Recovery - Check Retrieved Data

Figure 3: Check Recovered Data

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