Unformat Data

Recover Data from Formatted microSDHC Transcend Memory Card

Recover your data from formatted Micro SDHC Transcend memory card using Unformat Data software. Launch the software on your system after free download, and connect the Micro SDHC card to the system. And select the card to scan, upon which the software scans the card and recovers entire data from it. So, get the softare for free now!!!

Formatted Transcend Memory Card Data Recovery Software

Losing important files from a memory card of a digital camera or cell phone is quite common. People over the globe face the problem of data loss from the flash memory card or from other data storage drives. However, the data recovery software has made things easier to retrieve lost files and folders from various data storage drives.

Over the internet, you can find many numbers of file recovery and data recovery tools that can help you in getting back your lost files and folders. You can simply recover data from formatted a microSDHC Transcend memory card of your digital camera by using these tools. One of the genuine data recovery tool is the Unformat Data. By using this software, you will easily restore digital media files from a corrupted Kingston DataTraveler USB flash drive. Moreover, it will restore deleted data from Toshiba USB 2.0 portable external HDD with ease.

The most common cause for data loss from Transcend microSDHC memory card of your digital camera is accidental formatting. You might accidentally use "Format" option on your digital camera and lose valuable pictures. Moreover, Transcend microSDHC or microSD flash memory card might get format when it is connected to a computer and by mistake, you choose "Quick Format" option during AutoPlay of device. Restoring the factory settings on the digital camera or on a cell phone can also lead to formatting of the Transcend SDHC memory card or any other flash memory card.

However, you should understand that Format does not mean that files on the memory card or on other data storage drives are lost permanently. Only file entries from the partition table are deleted and space is marked as free to store new files. Therefore, you see the drive empty and consider that your precious collection of pictures or any other digital media file is lost forever. But in reality, files are still present on the memory card and can be recovered before new data overwrites lost or deleted files. For this, you can use this data recovery tool which can also restore files from the formatted USB drive with utmost ease. This advance application also helps the user to unformat hard disk drive in a couple of mouse clicks.

Data recovery tools, such as Unformat Files, performs a deep scan of data storage drives and recover lost or deleted files that are not overwritten by new data. Hence, it is always a good move to start the data recovery process as soon as possible for better results. Just go ahead and download Unformat Data (Windows) or Unformat Data (Mac), depending upon your OS, to recover lost files from the formatted HDD on Win 7/8/10/XP/Vista or Mac OS X. These tools come in free trial version and help in previewing the recovered media files from Transcend memory card or from any other flash memory card. Apart from all this, you can also recover data from an accidentally formatted USB drive by using a data recovery tool named as Unformat USB. In this way, you can judge their functionality before you go and purchase the licensed version.

Steps to recover data from formatted Transcend microSDHC memory card

  1. Download and install the data recovery software on your PC. Connect memory card to the Mac machine and on the main screen, click "Recover Photos" as shown in fig 1
  2. Recover Data from Formatted microSDHC Transcend Memory Card - Select Recover Photos

    Fig 1: Select Recover Photos

  3. Now click "Recover Lost Photos" on the new window. The software will search all available drives on your PC and shows them on the window. Select the flash memory card and click "Next" as shown in fig 2
  4. Recover Data from Formatted microSDHC Transcend Memory Card - Select Memory Card

    Fig 2: Select Memory Card

  5. After a successful scanning, it will show you a list of recovered files and folders as shown in fig 3
  6. Recover Data from Formatted microSDHC Transcend Memory Card - List of Recovered Files

    Fig 3: List of Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and

Snow Leopard (10.6) users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
& Above