Unformat Data

Software to Unformat HDD

Unformat your formatted hard disk drive with Unformat Data software. Just free download and launch the software on your system, which recovers formatted HDD in few minutes. Once it finishes the recovery process, it allows you to preview the recovered files based on "File Type View" or "Data View" before saving them at your desired location. Download now!!!

Software to Unformat Hard Drive

Nowadays data stored on the hard drive also have a probability of being lost or corrupt, as data loss from the computer hard drive has become very common among the system users. Lost files can be anything either your crucial business files or your precious memories which have a high sentimental value. There are uncountable scenarios which made users to format their drive and suffer data loss. To solve this problem and to unformat HDD, a team of experts developed an advanced recovery program which is known as the Unformat Data software.

Consider a scenario where you had to move some of the vital files and folders from an external hard drive to your computer. After completion of copying process when you try to open that drive in which stored that files, it fails to open. It displays a format error message that “Drive needs to be formatted”. This message does not allow a user to access the file from your system HDD unless you format it. As everyone knows that formatting a drive will results in complete deletion of data present on the hard disk. But there is still hope you can unformat HDD data by using the Unformat Data recovery software. It also helps user to restore digital data from a formatted Kingston DataTraveler USB flash drive and also supports data recovery from other brands of USB flash drives as well.

However, recovery is possible because formatting does not erase the stored files permanently. It deletes file entries from the partition table and mark space on hard drive partition as free to store new files. This means that deleted file still present somewhere on the hard drive itself until it gets overwritten with new data. By using the Unformat HDD recovery software you can easily unformat hard drive and get back deleted data without facing any difficulty. Unformat Data tool enables a user to recover data from formatted microSDHC Transcend memory card and it also facilitates user to perform file recovery from other types of the memory card with ease.

Corrupt HDD asking to format the drive

Many times, users format their HDD partition, when it gets corrupted due to bad sectors on the hard disk drive or due to some errors caused while trying to create a new partition by using any third-party program. Bad sectors on the hard disk drive are caused by power surges or sudden system reboot due to an improper power supply which makes the data on a particular sector of hard disk inaccessible. So to unformat hard drive partition and to recover formatted hard drive on Mac, Windows and any external storage drives easily. Just make use of Unformat Data recovery software which also has the capability to recover data after a full format in a couple of mouse clicks.

Virus or malware infection on the system hard drive also forces users to format their drive. the severe viruses make your HDD inaccessible. If you want to use it further you have to format it, which in turn will delete entire data stored in it. At such situation, only unformat HDD recovery software can help you. Along with these reasons the hard drive crash, partition table corruption, operating system failure are some other reasons which are responsible for the formatting of hard drive and causes a huge data loss to the users. To overcome all these data loss problems, use the Unformat HDD tool and with this application, you can recover lost data from formatted HP EliteBook Laptop in a few simple mouse clicks. You can also make use of this software to unformat Xbox 360 hard drive files in a very comfortable way.

Perform these steps to unformat HDD data:

  1. Download and install the Unformat Data software on your system.
  2. On the welcome screen, select "Recover Partitions/Drives" as illustrated in figure A.
  3. Unformat HDD - Home Window

    Figure A: Welcome Screen

  4. Now select "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" and then choose the hard drive from which you need to recover data as illustrated in figure B.
  5. Unformat HDD - Choose HDD

    Figure B: Select Hard Drive

  6. At last, check the recovered data in "Data View" as illustrated in figure C.
  7. Unformat HDD - Check Retrieved Data

    Figure C: Recovered Files

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