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Have you lost your important documents while formatting your hard drive? It is always recommended to keep back-up of valuable documents before going for formatting of hard disk and this is the important thing you always forget and lose your files and folders. Now no need of taking any tension as unformat data recovery is here to rescue all your important documents from formatted hard disk. Generally document files are nothing but word, text, presentation, PDF files, etc. that we use frequently for our official and personal work on our system daily. And these documents are prone to accidental deletion and formatting. Microsoft Office is the most commonly used tool to create documents of type Doc , Excel, PPT, PST, etc. There are also some other application s like Adobe acrobat, Notepad, etc that are used to create and open text, PDF, etc. files. Improper use of these applications or reinstalling / up gradation of this software can cause corruption and loss of very important documents. There are few more scenarios which are mentioned below.

Scenarios for formatting the hard drive

  • Human Errors:Human mistakes such as accidental formatting or deleting some system file which requires formatting are one of the main reasons for data loss from hard drive devices.
  • File System Corruption:File system corruption leads to inaccessibility of the device which results in data loss. This corruption is generally caused due to hardware failures or improper start-up procedure on the device which in turn requires formatting to solve the issue.
  • Hard Drive Full:Many times your hard drive gets full and there is no additional space left for new files. In such its better to free the space manually but you format the hard drive due to your laziness and time constraint.
  • Power Failure: Power failure, power surges and improper system shutdown can also sometimes lead to system failure which in turn may require formatting of hard disk.
  • OS crash:Operating system crash due to registry error or software malfunction also leads to formatting of hard drives. System also crashes due to conflicting hardware’s or because of bad RAM.
  • There are some more errors like partitioning and repartitioning of drives, bad sectors, virus or malware infection, reinstalling OS, etc. Shrinking and extending the size of hard disk partition using disk management tool can also lead to formatting of hard drive. Whatever may be the reason losing important documents and folder is very irritating. With the innovations in software technology there are number of hard drive recovery tools. The Unformat data is one of the most effective and best to recover documents from formatted hard drive. It can retrieve data from quick formatted hard disk drive on Windows OS very easily with just few mouse clicks. It supports recovery of documents from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, etc. partitions / drives. It also supports recovery from unintentionally formatted USB hard drives (SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.), external drives, FireWire drives, flash memory cards, etc. storage devices most frequently used . The software is capable to rescue compressed files from NTFS formatted partition and can also save the recovered files/folders in compressed archive. The software can not only recover data from computer hard drives but also from hard disks of formatted HP laptops along with some other brands which are used by young generation of nowadays.

    Note: Lost or deleted data from various data storage drives can be recover ed as long as it is not overwritten by fresh files. Therefore, experts over the globe have suggested starting of data recovery process as soon as possible for best results.

    Few easy steps to recover data from formatted hard drive:

    1. Download and install the free trial version of software on your computer. As soon as you run the application a window appears as shown in Figure 1. Choose the "Recover Drives" option from it.
    2. Recover Documents from Formatted Hard Drives - Choose Partitions / Drives

      Figure 1: Select Recover Drives

    3. Set the drive from where files are to be recovered and allow the software to scan the drive thoroughly. As displayed in Figure 2.
    4. Recover Documents from Formatted Hard Drives - Choose USB Drive

      Figure 2: Select Formatted Hard Drive

    5. As Shown in Fig 3, you can view the recovered data in two different viewing patterns like "Data type" & "File type" view.
    6. Recover Documents from Formatted Hard Drives - Check Retrieved Data

      Figure 3: Check Recovered Data

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